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Investment and Funds

Funds and investments

An investment fund is an collective investment vehicle that pools the cash of investors to invest in a portfolio of bonds, shares, or other assets. Each fund is managed by a person that makes decisions about the type of assets to purchase or sell, and charges an administrative fee to manage the fund. There are a variety of investment fund, including unit trusts (UCITS), OEICs, and open ended investment companies (OEIGCs).

When investing in funds it’s important to consider the motives behind it and the length of time you’d like to invest and also your investor profile that defines your tolerance to risk. For instance, investors who are younger may have more time on their side and https://highmark-funds.com feel more comfortable with a higher level of risk in order to increase their growth in the long-term.

Diversification is an excellent way to reduce your risk, as is saving. This involves spreading your investments across several asset classes that have lower correlations between their price fluctuations to ensure that any decline in value of a class can be offset by gains in a different one.

Another way to mitigate the risk is to utilize smart beta’ or low-cost investments. These are passively managed fund which aims to replicate the performance of a specific index of the stock market like the FTSE 100 or S&P 500 without the need for human judgement.

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