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Data Safety for Business

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As business owners, you gather and store sensitive information about your employees and clients. While you might think only large corporations are the victims of cyberattacks. But 60% of data breaches affect small-sized businesses.

A single mistake can cost you millions of dollars in settlements and fines. It could also damage the loyalty of your customers. It can also ruin your business’s reputation and even make you unprofitable.

There’s no universal solution to data security, however there are a few essential actions that every company can take to reduce the risk and safeguard themselves against threats such as malware, phishing attacks and data loss. By investing in strong passwords, securing important documents and offering security training to your employees and employees, you can make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your information.

Implement regular risk assessments This will help you identify weaknesses and prioritize your security efforts. Create an Comprehensive Security Policy. Create clear guidelines for access, data handling and what you should do if there is a breach. Encrypt sensitive data by making it inaccessible to unauthorised users in transit as well as at rest. Be sure to destroy any information that is not being used: Think about policies that instruct employees on how to clean or overwrite sensitive information (like degaussing or digital shredding) to prevent it from being accessible to those who aren’t supposed to.

Follow these tips to build an enduring foundation that will support your business continuity during and after the event of a cyberattack. Contact us for a no-cost consultation with our Cybersecurity and IT expert to learn more about creating the right plan for your unique business needs.

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