ÇEVİK FISTIK Genel The Best LEGO Designs Are Now Available

The Best LEGO Designs Are Now Available

For many, LEGO is a childhood toy that brings back memories of sprawling out on the floor and being enthralled while building a multicolored masterpiece. It can be a great way to improve the skills of engineering and math in adults, while expressing their imagination.

But for some, the fun never stops: The toy company’s Lego Ideas program gives fans the chance to transform their ideas into sets. Anyone can come up with an idea, and if 10,000 fellow Lego builders support it then the company can consider making it real. Angus MacLane is an animator as well as a storyboard designer and director at Pixar. He has designed an LEGO version WALL-E, from the dystopian film. The resultant set is now available, and it’s a perfect replica of the adorable character.

Another set that was brought to life through the Lego Ideas process is the massive mech from Voltron: Defender of the Universe. With advanced builders in mind, it’s packed with amazing details, such as the pilots’ movable arms delta wings that open and close as well as a drooping nose.

Typically, sets only stay on the market for two to three years. Then they are replaced by a new version. This is a rare instance: a design created by brothers Marc and Nick Parsons, based on the Back to the Future tree house, was so well-loved in 2022 when it first debuted that it now enters its fourth year of being on shelves without any sign of slowing.


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