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Millions of deals and business transactions are conducted every day However, not all transactions are risk-free. Whether it’s a new client, investor or vendor, you must be willing to perform your due diligence to reduce your risk and ensure smooth transactions.

Your due diligence checklist should include several questions about the company’s products and services, as also competitors and industry trends. This will help you to assess the competitive position of the company and predict its future success.

Financial data is also an important aspect of due diligence. It helps to determine the company’s potential for profit and also identifies any risks or liabilities. This includes the company’s credit history, tax returns and financial statements. It’s also important to comprehend the intellectual property assets of the company including copyrights, patents and trademarks.

Also, you must know the company’s current debt levels and plans for expansion. A growing company is able to take on IT agility: responding to market dynamics more debt, however a shrinking company may not be able additional expenses or even make payments on existing debt. It is important to keep track of the company’s profits over time. This will help you determine its effectiveness. In addition, a declining profit margin could be an indication of a larger issue in the company.

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