ÇEVİK FISTIK Genel Secure Online Data Rooms Solutions

Secure Online Data Rooms Solutions

Secure Online Data Rooms Solutions

A virtual data room (also known as a VDR electronic data room, or deal room) is cloud-based platform designed for the purpose of secure storage and sharing of confidential business data during M&A capital raising, IPOs, due diligence as well as litigations, business audits and other. The software is highly customized and comes with multiple features that protect against unauthorised access. This includes customized advanced rights and password protection, as well as security impersonation with granularity (granular user identity) dynamic watermarking, and fence view.

Unlike less sophisticated platforms such as email, Google Drive and Dropbox VDRs can be used to track and record every document activity within their platform. You can track at every moment when, who and on what IP address they accessed the document. You can also see the time spent by a user watching documents.

This is a feature that you should take into account when choosing the right virtual data room provider. This is because a trustworthy online data room provides the highest level of security for sensitive documents in business. This is particularly crucial during manufacturing deals, as the nature of these documents may not be obvious to all people involved.

Ansarada Deals is a powerful online data room that combines ironclad security and an intuitive platform that allows for serious sharing. This makes it easier for people to collaborate and share files during M&As, due diligences capital raisings, corporate restructurings and other high-risk events. To learn more about the features that this software application offers, sign up for a an online demo today.

convenient and secure online data rooms solutions

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